Boat Basin Information

What all boaters need to know about Florida Keys waters.

Monroe County ranks number one in damage to sea grass habitats in the State of Florida. Propeller damage within the Florida Marine Sanctuary poses a severe threat to wildlife and to personal property, and can lead to very hefty fines which most insurance companies will not cover. Always stay close to channel markers and do not operate your vessel in less than two feet of water. Be mindful of tide charts as low tide can sneak up on you and leave you grounded. If you see mud and sediment trailing behind your motor, stop immediately and tilt your motor up.

Islander Bayside Channel

The narrow channel leading from the boat basin is marked with many channel markers. It is important that you stay close to these markers to prevent propeller damage to sensitive sea grasses and to avoid getting stuck on a mud flat. While fishing on the flats trim motor up and use pole. If you see mud trailing behind you, cut your motor immediately tilt it up.

GHO Bayside Boat Information